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The Laughing Buddhaa



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Within the graceful vial of "Barefoot," a fragrant journey unfolds—an enchanting roll-on perfume that beckons you to embrace the essence of liberation and connection with nature. This is a fragrance that speaks of grounding and harmony, a sensory dance of Cardamom, Indian Cedarwood, Sandalwood, and Clove that ignites warmth and serenity on your skin.

With each gentle application, you're transported to a serene forest—a place where the earth beneath your feet becomes your sanctuary. The aromatic symphony of spices and woods takes center stage, evoking a sense of belonging and harmony with the natural world.

Cardamom weaves its spicy allure, while Indian Cedarwood and Sandalwood provide a woody embrace that cradles you like the strong arms of ancient trees. Clove adds a touch of warmth, like the sun's gentle caress through the forest canopy.

As "Barefoot" lingers, it envelops you in a fragrant symphony of liberation, where the boundaries between self and nature blur.

Discover the essence of "Barefoot" and let it be your guide on a sensory journey of connection and grounding—an aromatic companion that adds depth and serenity to your daily rituals.

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