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The Laughing Buddhaa



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A fragrance that is a celebration of nature's most delicate and captivating gift, the rose.
With every inhalation, you're transported to a world of exotic beauty, where the scent of fresh roses fills the air.

"Gul" is more than a fragrance; it's an invitation to experience pure happiness and well-being. Its aroma, like the softest whisper of affection, wraps around you, evoking feelings of joy and contentment.

For centuries, the rose has been celebrated for its aphrodisiac qualities, a symbol of love's timeless allure. With "Gul," we capture this essence, blending it to perfection so that it may inspire passion and intimacy in your surroundings.

As you light our Rose incense, the room comes alive with the delicate fragrance of blossoming roses. It's as if you've stepped into a hidden garden, where the petals glisten with morning dew, Each breath you take is an affirmation of life's beauty and the happiness it can bring.

This is more than just incense; it's an embodiment of romance and well-being. Let "Gul" be your companion on a journey of love and happiness, as it brings the timeless allure of roses into your world.

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